Rent has Risen Unprecedentedly in the U.S.


The average cost of renting an apartment in the United States amounted to more than two thousand dollars, in metropolitan areas, especially in New York, prices are twice as high from the median. The trend is not only American – the rising rental prices are also reported by European agencies.

The cost of rent in the United States sets records. The median American tenant has to pay more than two thousand dollars a month – this has never happened before. What are the reasons for the rise in the price of a rented roof over your head, and not only in the U.S.?

“The snowball of the rental crisis in the U.S. does not spare anyone and nowhere” – under this headline publishes an article about the rise in the cost of American real estate traditionally restrained agency. Even with a discount for higher incomes of the population, the figures cannot but be impressive. Renting a median apartment in the U.S. today will cost two thousand dollars – even with today’s exchange rate it is 123 thousand rubles a month. In megacities it is only worse: Las Vegas – 2100, Miami – almost 2500, and in Manhattan in the center of New York – four thousand dollars for the median apartment or five thousand for the average.

The rising cost of housing is exacerbated by the fact that residents who left for rural areas during the pandemic are returning to the cities. Demand is forcing those willing to rent properties to fight for them, and rent growth in some cities in May reached 40% year-on-year. According to the agency’s calculations, the outstripping growth of rental costs is observed not only in the U.S., but almost in most developed countries of the West.